Local News

Major Push to Protect Children From Abuse By State Task Force

A major push to protect children from abuse at the state capitol today.A panel, created in the wake of the Jerry Sanduksy Child Sex Abuse Scandal releases its recommendations. And they’re calling for sweeping changes to current PA laws. This task force says they have spent the last year focusing on children, recommending that laws be changed. They start out by rewriting the child protective services law, redefining what constitutes child abuse. They recommend expanding mandatory reporters of abuse to include college administrators, employees, and coaches. These mandatory reporters would sign an oath ,and be required to call the ChildLine number.

” We are here to serve the children yes we`re here to make recommendations to serve the Commonwealth but the bottom line is we are all here because children want to be safe and in Pennsylvania they deserve to be safe,” says Jackie Bernard, PA Task Force on Child Protection

Some on the panel suggest if these recommendations had been in play that Jerry Sandusky would have been behind bars a long time ago. This report will be introduced to the General Assembly as numerous bills and then they would have to be voted into law. The number ChildLine number is: 1-800-932-0313


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