A Tough Week for Students at Carlisle High School

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A bomb threat at Carlisle High School on Tuesday, a fire at Wilson Middle School in the science lab that sent seven students to the hospital on Wednesday, and on Thursday, a nearly empty High School after rumors of a school shooting spiraled on social media. All of this has made for a long week for students.

” It`s pretty harsh everyone is scared we`re not allowed to go outside in-between classes just freaking out about what’s been happening lately,” says Billy Burger, a Sophomore at Carlisle High School

Carlisle Police Chief Stephen Margeson says these threats were not credible however, they always take threats of violence seriously.

“ Anyone can say anything on Facebook without anything to substantiate it and that`s a problem,” says Margeson

The investigation of the fire at Wilson Middle School is still ongoing however FOX43 spoke with the Carlisle Fire Chief and he says that what they do know is that rubbing alcohol was the only chemical involved.