PA Fish & Boat Commission to Sell 3 & 5 Year Fishing Licenses For First Time Dec. 1

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With a new fishing season just around the corner, anglers can ready themselves for years to come by purchasing a multi-year fishing license, available for the first time this year from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC).
‘Beginning December 1, we will start selling 3-year and 5-year fishing licenses for the first time in our history,’ said PFBC Executive Director John Arway. ‘Customers want options when they buy products, and fishing is no different.’

‘Anglers can select from a variety of rods, reels and equipment, so it only makes sense that they should have the ability to purchase a license which is good for several years,’ he said. ‘It`s convenient and provides for one less thing to worry about. Now anglers can purchase a multi-year license and know that when friends and family want them to go fishing, they don`t have to worry about whether they renewed their fishing license.’

‘In addition, we`re offering a number of rewards exclusively for customers who buy a multi-year license, including a free online subscription to our flagship publication, Pennsylvania Angler and Boater magazine, along with various offers from popular retailers,’ added Arway. ‘Other incentives being offered are also pretty attractive. They include various pieces of fishing equipment and several discount coupons which can be used at sporting goods stores.’

A 3-year fishing license is valid through 2015 and a 5-year license is valid through 2017. Customers who buy multi-year licenses save money by not having to pay transaction and processing fees each year. For example, a customer who buys a 5-year license will save $6.80. Anglers can also purchase multi-year trout/salmon, Lake Erie and combo permits and experience similar savings. Visit the PFBC website for more information about pricing and answers to frequently asked questions.

Customers who purchase their multi-year license through either the PFBC Outdoor Shop ( or from an issuing agent will receive a website link where instructions on accessing their rewards will be located.

Also starting December 1, the PFBC is launching a fishing sweepstakes contest to give away a series of fishing trips across the state for many of Pennsylvania`s popular game fish. The general public will be eligible to participate in the sweepstakes, and registration for the sweepstakes will be at

In addition to the Outdoor Shop, multi-year fishing licenses can be purchased at more than 900 issuing agents (, county treasurers` offices, and at the following PFBC regional offices:

•Northwest Region – Meadville (Crawford County), 11528 State Highway 98, Meadville, PA 16335;
•Walnut Creek Access Area – Fairview (Erie County), 241 Manchester Road, Fairview, PA 16415-1710;
•Linesville Visitors Center – Linesville (Crawford County), 13300 Hartstown Road, Linesville, PA 16424;
•Southwest Region – Somerset (Somerset County), 236 Lake Road, Somerset, PA 15501;
•PFBC Headquarters – Harrisburg (Dauphin County), 1601 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, PA 17110;
•Northeast Region – Sweet Valley (Luzerne County), 5566 Main Road, Sweet Valley, PA 18656;
•Southeast Region – Elm (Lancaster County), Brubaker Valley Road and Lakeview Drive, Elm, PA 17521;
•Southcentral Region – Newville (Cumberland County), 1704 Pine Road, Newville, PA 17241.


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