Kansas City Chiefs player kills self at Arrowhead Stadium after fatally shooting girlfriend, police say

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A Kansas City Chiefs player shot himself Saturday morning at Arrowhead Stadium after shooting his girlfriend at an East Side Kansas City home according to Kansas City Police.

Sources say Jovan Belcher, 25, got into an argument with his girlfriend.

Police found a woman shot multiple times at about 7:40 a.m. in the 5400 block of Crysler. There was also a baby, approximately 6 months old in the home at the time.

For more information from FOX4  on this developing story click here.

NFL.Com reports that the Chiefs have released a statement confirming there was an incident at their practice facility this morning.

The Chiefs are set to play host to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday.



    Why do people in the spot light setting bad examples for our community our children i know people of all kinds have problems in a business aspect or personal problems that seem to be behind the camara behind closed doors other people dont even know about but really it comes to this Im not a Chiefs Fan but this also looks bad for The NFL.Do we need to start evaluating our Professional Atheletes getting invoved with their personal lives. Theres been everything from DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, RAPE AND MURDER. ITS EVEN HAPPING IN HOLLYWOOD MAYBE FAME AND FOURTUNE IS A BAD WAY OF LIFE

    • LadyFan2

      Young people especially those in sports and entertainment need to be told that young love rarely lasts. There are so many other potential lovers to meet in the course of their work. I feel he was manipulated by the woman since he had a child with her. This happens. So what if they had a child, they weren't married. This man had his life ahead of him in pro sports. What hood rat chick argued and bickered with him to the point of weakness and not realizing his career was the most important thing right now. That 's not living. Those demons caused them both to die and throw it all away. So sad.

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