Wilson College postpones vote to go co-ed

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Trustees at Wilson College in Chambersburg postponed a vote Saturday to turn the women’s college into a co-ed school.

“I think it’s a good idea, because it’s a lot to take in on the table. Obviously the decision is going to impact our whole college experience,” said senior Katie Murphy.

It’s been a hot issue with students for months. Banners protesting the move to go co-ed hang outside the school’s busiest buildings.

“We’re not saying that we’re hating men or anything. It’s just preserving the idea of a women’s college and empowering women,” said Raquel Feliciano, a senior.

“Everyone’s just sort of overwhelmed with all the chaos. It’s just so last minute and it feels like they just threw it on us,” said junior Brittney Poff.

Going co-ed is one of several measures trustees are considering to increase enrollment and get a better financial footing. The school currently has less than 700 students and is $31 million in debt.

The chairman of the board of trustees released a statement on the decision that reads in part: “This is an important decision that will affect the future direction of Wilson College…Our intention is to review and analyze all of the material to enable the board to give greater consideration to the information presented, before charting a course for the financial well-being and academic health of the institution.”

The board will meet again to vote on the issue January 13.