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Aprons and Bells Missing From Local Salvation Army Locations

The Salvation Army is missing some of its signature aprons and bells. The director of the Harrisburg Salvation Army says within the last day they have had several of their aprons and bells stolen at 20 different locations throughout Central Pennsylvania.

” Whoever it is please stop, it`s disrespectful and it`s a horrible thing to do,” says Kian Cooper, Harrisburg

They say they received a report of an impersonator at a Harrisburg Bank

” It`s disgusting. You can`t believe what goes through people`s minds that do something like that, it’s crazy,” says Charlie Coble, a Salvation Army Volunteer

The organization says they don’t want this to keep people from donating.

For a list of Kettle locations click here:



1 Comment to “Aprons and Bells Missing From Local Salvation Army Locations”

    Resaica said:
    December 6, 2012 at 10:56 PM

    I was interviewed regarding this topic for the news!! I also feel that these young children look up to the older adults and are influenced by their action. So with them stealing is creating a chain of event for these children in the future!! And I also said that this ks taking from needy kids, FOR WHAT!!!

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