Dauphin County KMart Hopes Layaway Angels Return

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Last year layaway angels visited business across the country anonymously paying off people’s layaways. But this year, the KMart in Derry Township is wondering, where have all the angels gone ?

” It was nice because there were people who really needed the help. They would come in with their stories and find out that it was paid off, it was the only Christmas they were going to have, ” says Liz Rothermel, Human Resource Manager

Rothermel says she’s not sure if it’s the economy or lack of press that is keeping the angels away. But either way it’s disappointing, and that there are people who really need the help. ┬áThere’s still time to help someone out this holiday season. All you have to do is head to the layaway counter and request to be an angel.


  • Sarah

    My family and I went to a Kmart today in Milford MA to make another layaway for our kids. As we were leaving the store the woman from the layaway department approached us to let us a know a layaway angel had already paid off our layaway and we could take everything home today if we wanted. It happened so fast that we knew it had to be the woman who was behind us in line who was playing with our three year old while we made our layaway. Thank you Lord for this amazing person who helped me and my family <3 God bless her!

  • Frances Sebwe

    I hope and pray a layawa angel comes to my rescue, because I have my layaway for my kids at the Kmart in Philadelphia. The store that is located on Roosevelt Blvd, next to Cottman Ave. I lost my job in Aug. I put their presents on layaway with the hope that I was going to pick it up in time for Christmas, but it does not same possible. This is my first time to put my kids Christmas present on layaway. Our christmas tree is beautifully decorated, but no present under the tree with their names on it from me. I am a single parent and this hurts, because my kids are good kids and deserve their Christmas presents. I will appreciate any help. I even called coperate to asked if they had any program that can help me, but I was told they don't have.

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