Four Students Robbed at Gunpoint in Off Campus Home in Millersville

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At 11:20 Thursday morning Millersville Police received a phone call concerning a home invasion in the 100 block of Frederick Street near Millersville University.  Three masked men, described as black males, one 6’ 5” and the other two between 5’ 8” and 5’ 10”, entered the house through an unlocked back door. Three students were on the inside.  During the commission of the robbery, another student entered the home.  All four students were held at gunpoint in one room while laptops, an x-box, a safe, and cash were stolen from other areas of the house.  Police say the suspects were also carrying knives and thankfully no one was hurt.

“Since the beginning of this semester we’ve had a rash of burglaries where people would go in and steal laptops primarily from college students’ residences,” said Chief John Rochat, Millersville Police Department.

Two students who live next door to the home told FOX43 they are concerned about their safety.  Two weeks prior to Thursday’s incident, Sam Vincent and Drew Taylor’s other next door neighbors were burglarized.

“We started locking the bolt,” said Vincent.  “Usually we just lock the knob on our way out. So now, we’re doing that and even when we’re inside now we keep it locked.”

“When you come out to Millersville you don’t really think that this is gonna happen with you,” said Taylor.  “It’s a pretty safe community.”

If you have any information concerning the case, police asks that you contact the department.