Lancaster County Drug Bust

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Two people face charges in a Lancaster County drug bust.  On Wednesday, December 5, 2012,  Akron Borough Police, State Probation and Parole Agents and the Lancaster County Drug Task force raided an apartment in the first block of 9th Street in Akron Borough.   A search of the apartment uncovered two pounds of methamphetamine, four pounds of synthetic marijuana, 100 grams of cocaine, amounts of bath salts, and other controlled substances.

Police also seized drug paraphernalia related to the sale of controlled substances, two handguns, approximately $10,000 in cash and four vehicles suspected of being used in the sale of controlled substances.   They also arrested 38 year old Joseph Carl Lucas and 44 year old Lynda Vang.   Charges against the couple include Possession with Intent to Deliver Methhamphetamine, PWID Cocaine, PWID Synthetic Cannabinoids (marijuna) and Criminal Conspiracy.

Lucas, JosephVang, Lynda

Lucas is also charged with violating the Uniform Firearms Act for possession of firearms by a person not to possess due to prior felony convictions. After arraignment, Lucas was committed to Lancaster County Prison in lieu of a one million dollar cash bail.  Vang is being held on $100,000 cash bail.


  • melanie robinson

    To the idiot who posted the first comment, you don’t think having 2 lbs meth doesn’t constitute you as a criminal? I want to hear you make that same ridiculous comment when your kid is a strung out junkie.

  • me

    There’s Joey yet again, this dude will never learn! Jail is where he belongs! I don’t even feel bad for someone like him! He’s been in and out of Jail for the samething atleast 5times, lock his ass up for good!!

  • Amanda

    Ciminals are criminals! Period! Drugs is what's wrong with our country! And most pedophiles, rapists, and murderers use them! It's a shame to see Joey in this predicament again, but he knew what he was doing was wrong and still continued doing it. He will probably never change. He will more than likely get life. So be it.

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