Local News

Community Rallies To End Violence In York

Brothers Jerome and  Bennie Carter gathered their troops, armed not with guns, but instead signs. They hit the streets in front of the Police Station on King Street asking drivers to honk if they support their police department. “They just want to let it be known that they support their police officers,” says Lt. Gene Fells with York City Police.  “It’s crucial that we have members of the community willing to speak with us and to be eyes and ears for us.  The whole concept of people being snitches that’s just something that the criminal element wants you to believe that you don’t want to do that.”

“We are the taxpaying citizens of York. This is our turf and they cannot control that end of the city against this end of the city. That is what we are out here for,” says Bennie Carter. The brothers hope to win people over one at a time. ” I know we are not going to stop it by coming out here today but if we can just win one person over maybe that can escalate to somebody else,” says Jerome Carter. They say they plan to hold more rallies and the police are happy about that.


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