York Woman Dies in Fire, Not Discovered for a Day

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Fire officials say a York woman died Saturday in a fire at a townhouse on Devers Road, but no one knew the fire had happened until Sunday.

Acting Fire Chief David Michaels said the fire likely broke out after 4 p.m. Saturday and was likely started by a “careless” action while the woman was smoking. Michaels said she tried to leave the house but succumbed to smoke inhalation.

Michaels said there were no working smoking detectors. There was a detector in the house, but its batteries had been removed, he said.

The fire occurred at 1724 Devers Rd. Michaels did not release the name of the woman because her family had not been notified. He said she appeared to be in her sixties.

Neighbors did not notice flames or smoke coming from the house. There was damage throughout the interior of the house, though not to the exterior.

Michaels said a caretaker came to the home Sunday and discovered what had happened.