Local News

Chief Recovery Officer Named for Cash Strapped Harrisburg School District

The cash strapped Harrisburg School District getting some help from the state.  The pennsylvania Secretary of Education declared the school district in “Moderate Financial Recovery” and named Gene Veno as the Chief Recovery Officer for the district. He says he knows he has a difficult job to do and that difficult choices are going to have to be made. Veno, a former school board member in the Scranton School District, and founder of his own national consulting firm, says he is confident he can work with the district to get them on the road to financial solvency.

“ Many individuals, many departments, are going to have to come to the table and realize the importance here is the children and the district that sees the school as a very important source of education,” says Gene Veno, Chief Recovery Officer of the Harrisburg School District

Veno has 90 days to work with the district and come up with a plan. The school board then has a year to vote on it, and if they reject it, the state can then takeover the district.


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