Approval Rating Above 50%

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President Obama’s approval rating is on the rise.  A new CNN Poll of Polls shows his approval rating is at 52%.  The Poll of Polls is an average of five national non-partisan polls conducted over the past two weeks.  While his approval rating was in the 40s for much of his first term, he started to crack the 50% mark over the past two months.


  • Ron

    He is such a joke. A SOCIALIST who cares NOTHING about the Middle Class. Our Country is screwed from now on. We will NEVER get control of this welfare 4th generation society now. NO JOBS, NO HOPE and OBAMACARE to boot! We are screwed as a Country. GOD help us and especially our children.

  • Tim Darling

    The country is about to experience another economic boom centered around oil production. Obama will get credit, and will likely end his second term with an approval rating above 55%.

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