Fired Bus Driver Speaks Out

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A Dauphin County man is speaking out after being fired as a bus driver for bringing a toy gun onto the bus he was driving. He was a bus driver for Dauphin County Technical school and was fired from Rohrer bus company. He was also charged with disorderly conduct.

“ I did the wrong thing, and made a wrong move, at the right time for the students, and they decided to take advantage because when you drive a bus. It`s the bus driver against the students,” says Ronald Jones, of Susquehanna Township

He says he watches some of the other bus drivers’ young children while they run their routes , and brought they toy gun for them. He then took the toy and brought it on his bus. That’s when he said he did something that looking back he regrets.  He told the students the toy gun , ” was for the bad kids”.

The 73-year- old says he wants people to know he’s not a criminal,  just a man who made a mistake.  Jones, an army veteran, plans on looking for another job.