York Rescue Mission goes Door to Door Delivering Holiday Blankets, Fruit, and Cookies

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The York Rescue Mission is wrapping up its 6,000 blanket giveaway.  On Thursday longtime mission worker Melinda Gorog went door to door delivering blankets, apples, and cookies to people in the community who were unable to pick up donated items from designated handout locations.

“I always try to remind them somebody cared about you in York County and they gave this,” said Gorog.  “I just get to be the delivery girl.”

107 blankets were delivered Thursday.  All of the recipients were both surprised and appreciative of the organization’s efforts.

“I need one,” said Julian Glover, holiday gift recipient.  “I need, matter fact, I sleep in one every night and I can’t lay in bed because of my back. So I sleep right here on my recliner and I put my blanket over me and I can use another one.”

The Rescue Mission will host a Children’s Christmas Party on Christmas Eve at Memorial Park.  Each of the 1,400 kids expected to attend will walk away with a sleeping bag and holiday treats.  $10 gifts are still needed for the event.  For more information contact Melinda Gorog at 717-812-1692