Topic of the day: Holiday tipping etiquette

holiday-tippingFrom your postman to your babysitter, who do you tip during the holidays and how much? According to consumer reports, holiday tipping has been dropping since 2005.

It makes sense as we are still reeling from the recession, but experts say you can still show thanks without breaking the bank.
Prioritizing is key so ask yourself, “who could I not live without this year?” and that will help narrow it down.
For example, a babysitter should get a nice present plus one night’s rate, hair stylists get tips all year long so instead try small gift in addition to your usual tip.  Mail carriers are not legally allowed to accept cash, checks or gift cards so give something that less than 20 bucks like a snack or hand warmers.
If money is really tight, a hand-written thank you note also gets the job done.

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