Lancaster County Reverend Looks Back on Amish School House Shooting


A tragedy like the Connecticut Elementary School Shooting can trigger memories of a school shooting in our area. Five girls were shot and killed in the Nickle Mines Amish School House in 2006.

Reverend Dr. Grover DeVault is a Chaplain for the Pennsylvania State Police. He counseled the first responders and families of the victims of the five girls shot and killed in the shooting.

” It`s an extraordinary event for them. They`re used to crises and dealing with death, but the death of ¬†children, precipitate a painful experience,” says Rev. Dr. Grover

He says in order for the Newtown community to get back to any sense of normalcy they’re going to have to get back to their daily routines.

” It`s very important for them to continue in their own routine, especially for their siblings and other children to continue doing the same things they had been doing before, with words of encouragement.”

He also says the need to come together and rely on one another. The hardest question for them to deal with that may never be answered is why?