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Nine Hour Standoff In Harrisburg Prompts Reaction From Mayor

harrisburg standoff

A nine hour standoff in Harrisburg ends with the suspect dead and a police officer injured. Tuesday night gunfire erupted in the Hall Manor section of Harrisburg. Around 2:30 police tired to serve a warrant to 24 year old Able Roman, wanted for an alleged attempted homicide out of Philadelphia, he then barricaded himself inside an apartment. That’s when the standoff started. It included hundreds of shots fired and a police officer suffering an injury to his hand.

Dauphin County Coroner Graham Hetrick says it ended when a robot was sent into the apartment where he says Roman shot himself.

Harrisburg Mayor Linda Thompson calling for a nationwide ban on assault riffles. She also says she wants to start a task force against violence in Harrisburg.

” You can`t legislate morality. That`s why ministers are going to be involved. That`s why I said a number of people are going to be involved in this. Sometimes it boils down to being bankrupt spiritually. So this is a smorgasbord coalition I`m going to build because all this needs to be all hands on deck with this coalition,” says Thompson

The investigation into the shooting is still ongoing. Police say the officer injured in the standoff is doing well.


1 Comment to “Nine Hour Standoff In Harrisburg Prompts Reaction From Mayor”

    cee said:
    December 19, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    Hip shooting Obamalinda doesn't have all the facts, but is willing to blame everyone else. Did Roman have an assault rifle? Nine hours of gunfire? Someone sure can't shoot straight…including the police.
    The only things certain…a wanted felon in an abetting Section 8 development. How did he get a gun? Who holed him up?
    That he is dead is good. That it took this long is pathetic.

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