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Salvation Army Christmas Cheer Distribution; 1,800 York Families Expected to Receive Toys and Food

The Salvation Army on Tuesday kicked off its annual Christmas Cheer Distribution serving 1,800 families in need.  Families received both a box filled with holiday favorites including a turkey or ham and toys.  2,000 registered children received three toys each.  All toys were donated to the Salvation Army from efforts such as Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army Angel Tree and company Christmas drives. There will be another distribution Wednesday.

“I’m just grateful to have people like this cause you don’t find too many people like that in the world anymore,” said Ashley Redding, Christmas Cheer Distribution Recipient.

Ashley Redding has three boys, ages 5, 6, and 8.  She told FOX43, she and the children’s father typically are unable to come up with the money needed to buy her children Christmas gifts. Therefore, she signs up for the Christmas distribution program year after year.

“Kids don’t really need toys but that makes Christmas for the kids and that makes Christmas for us to be able to give a little bit more Christmas joy to these kids,” said George Lenkner, Salvation Army York, Business Manager.


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