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Customers Flocking to Central Pa. Gun Stores

The line at The Gun Bunker in Shrewsbury reached the door Wednesday morning, as gun lovers rushed out to stock up on supplies.

“This is something new. Seeing lines, usually you don’t see lines,” said Richard Krus, who was picking up an assault rifle he had on layaway.

Gun stores all over the country are seeing similiar crowds. Many believe the boom in sales is due to fears stricter gun laws are on the way after last week’s elementary school massacre in Connecticut.

“As soon as something comes in, it’s sold fifteen minutes later. I’ve seen record numbers of women now coming into our store and literally buying rifles and handguns,” said Emily Atkinson, who owns a gun store in California.

Many people feel stricter gun laws won’t necessarily mean fewer deaths.

“I guess we can all be worried about knee-jerk reactions to massacres and tragedies like this. But I personally don’t think any law would have prevented someone from buying guns for someone who is mentally unstable and not having some kind of repercussions for it. Nothing would have prevented it,” said Terry Nicozisis, owner of Layman’s Gun Shop.

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