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Ravens Looking For Early Christmas Present

The Ravens have lost three straight games and they can’t wait to get back that winning feeling.

Haloti Ngata, Ravens Defensive Tackle

“I think we want to win just because we haven’t been winning.”

Joe Flacco, Ravens QB

“These are tough situations but its about how you stand up and you can’t blink. I’m not sure if we have been in this situation in the past but we have dealt with things that are similar.  We know how to move forward and push through.”

Ray Rice, Ravens Running Back

“This being a bounce back league.  This week gives us a great opportunity, number 1 to bounce back.  Everything that we still want is still in front of us”

If they do topple New York on Sunday, Baltimore gets the early Christmas present, the AFC North Title and a playoff game at home.

Haloti Ngata, Ravens Defensive Tackle

“Us and the fans have that pride in home field advantage. As a team, we haven’t shown that we are a good home team lately so hopefully we can pick that up and and end it off with a win.”

Baltimore faces a local player on Sunday, York County native, Will Beatty.  He’s the starting left tackle for the Giants.  Kickoff is set for 4:25 on Sunday.  You can see the game on FOX43.


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