South Middleton Township snow removal costs already exceeding last winter

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The past week has been a busy one for road crews in South Middleton Township.

“Had Christmas Eve here. Last count I think I had an additional 27 hours,” said Russell Yinger, roadmaster for the township.

It’s a sharp contrast from last winter, which was one of the mildest in years.

“Last year, we sent our trucks out five times the whole winter. As we stand here tonight, trucks are pulling in from their fifth run this week,” said Col. Tom Faley, Chairman of the South Middleton Twp. Board of Supervisors.

Last year’s winter allowed the township to put $50,000 that would have been used for plowing back into the general fund. Faley said they can already tell that won’t be the case this year.

“On a typical winter, we have to send them out 19-21 times. It looks like that’s what’s going to happen this year,” he said.



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