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Update: Police involved shooting at Kmart in York County

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Springettsbury Township police chief Thomas Hyers says a 40-year old man was killed in an officer involved shooting at Kmart Saturday evening. The incident began as a retail theft in the store and police were called to the scene.

Officers tried to taser the suspect when he would not cooperate. The man then came at police with a knife and two officers opened fire, killing the suspect. His name is not being released at this time.

Pennsylvania State Police are taking over the investigation. This is standard protocol for officer involved shootings.


  • Jenna Staub

    This man couldnt have been shot in the leg??? Shot somewhere to hinder him, not kill him??? All for retail theft? I believe in justice and obeying the law but I dont necessarily believe that this was the ONLY solution..sorry, just my opinion.

    • Kat

      Not to say your opinion is invalid, because I believe you have a valid point, but if someone was coming at YOU with a knife, and you had a gun in your hand, would you honestly only be shooting to hinder him?

    • Johnny Law

      You are an idiot. Those officers have families to go home too. That jackass should have got a job and paid for his stuff.Glad to know he won't do that again.

  • Isaac

    @Jenna…you should be a police officer since you obviously are an expert on the matter. I'm supposing you're receiving your knowledge on how to hinder a perp comes from cop dramas.

  • Phil Breighner

    Jenna You have it all wrong. He wasn't shot and killed for theft. He was shot by a police officer protecting his own life and maybe someday Yours.

  • S. Witmer

    Police should be held at a higher standard than the average person with a gun….the police are trained to maim not kill….knife versus gun…come on…

    • Joe

      Knives and guns are both weapons. What's your point? Either person could have been killed. The police officer is still alive.

  • Mike

    S. Witmer
    Which police academy class did you graduate from? Because when I had the training it was to aim center mass and to fire the number of rounds necessary to neutralize the threat. Also, the reactionary gap when encountering an individual w/ a knife is 21 feet. When that individual closes to that distance the chances of being hurt or killed increase dramatically. And as to all of your "one shot" kills, I'm sure, that none of you have ever faced an armed individual under the influence, suffering from mental illness or just hellbent on hurting someone. You all want to scream excessive force until YOU need a police officer and then all is good.

  • Cs123

    Jenna…lets see if your mom, dad or kids were inside the store. And the robber comes at them with a knife or gun to kill civilians inside the store while shopping. Lets see if you have the same mentality. You cannot take chances. He resisted arrest..got tased and went after the police with a knife. Police did everything right. Another loser gone in this world so they cannot hurt "good" people. Wake up people we just saw what people are capable of through the sandy hook school shooting. How quickly we forget. Yet all lawmakers mostly democrats, want armed guards and police officers at every school in America. But noooooo…if another gunman or copycat actually goes and tries to break in a school I guess the armed officers shouldnt use deadly force to stop them, but instead slightly Incapacitate him before he hurts innocent children. Unbelievable I totally disagree with anyone defending violent acts towards innocent civilians and police officers for the sake of their own belief that we should be fair and tolerant of such behavior is inexcusable. Let the police do their jobs to protect us from unnecessary harm in the cruel world. I'm glad they did what they had to do, it saved us from another tragedy in our own hometown. Stop defending poor and evil behavior in this world!!!

    • Larry

      so they tased him and they still needed to shoot him and kill him.. Oh yea I can totally see your point. shooting him HAD to be the best choice possible… I mean who wouldn't want a chance to let loose a few rounds in a store.. yes having bullets flying around had to be the most sane choice possible what with innocent mothers daughters sons husbands/fathers in the store.. I mean what person wouldn't want there 6 year old to miss the chance of watching a person get shot dead?

        • Larry

          No I am as conservative as they get. I just don't believe the police are well enough trained. I think we have to many dirty harry wannabies. i believe the township and city police forces should be dissolved. the job should be taken up by the county sheriffs office. reducing the amount of duplication of services and equipment. additionally those deputies would be able to be sent to the state police academy for continuing education and re-certification additionally it would reduce government and townships to lower taxes.

          and if you were ever tased… you would really doubt he was a credible threat to the police officer

          • Larry

            what fact did I change?
            I how ever was tased as part of a training exersize and I have to say its very very effective.

          • Bev

            First of all everyone and you are wrong that the perp was tased, he Wasn't…besides if he was he would have been down and the police would have him in custody…..DUHHH!

  • Tess

    Who cares! The idiot was trying to rob a store and then attack a police officer doesn't mattter if it was a knife or a pointed finger if you are dumb enough to do it then your deserve what you get, period.

  • Shannon

    Bottom line this man chose to commit a crime and then when caught in said crime threatened the officer putting them at risk as well as the other people in the store. It doesn't matter if this criminal had a knife or a gun or whatever. He was the one in the wrong NOT the police officer! Thank you to all of our police officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect us.

  • Jena

    If someone is coming at you with a knife, tell me how fast you would be to stop and aim for their leg? Really? They did their job and did it they way they were taught to. Give the cops a break

  • Scott

    this is a prime example of over reaction. not one of use knows what happen to provoke the now Dead man. how it was handled by the police or what actually happen at all. oh "he came at me…" really now… interesting defense. lets hold up praising this cop until the State Police are though with there investigation. I am sure K-mart has video of what happen.

    If Knives are so Deadly and dangerous and so many police officers get killed by knives maybe they should be included in the Obama anti gun campaign. Maybe we should spend about a billion dollars to develop a knife proof vest that could be worn under there bullet proof vest

    and lastly Tess, are you kidding me that the man deserved to die? show me one thing one thing sold by Kmart or any other store that is more valuable than someones life? what the UPC code of that product so I can look it up and see what the retail/whole sale cost of that shirt, those shoes, that gold plated necklace might be. Just what dollar amount what mark up do you see worth killing someone for?

  • Lenny

    Maybe this will be a deterrent and let criminals know that the cops in our area won't be pansies. Don't do the crime and you won't be shot.

  • Scott

    this is a prime example of over reaction. not one of use knows what happen to provoke the now Dead man. how it was handled by the police or what actually happen at all. oh "he came at me…" really now… interesting defense. lets hold up praising this cop until the State Police are though with there investigation. I am sure K-mart has video of what happen.

    • Jane

      I'll praise a cop for killing a shoplifter, regardless of whether or not he came at him with a knife thank you very much.

          • Mike

            We'll see how you feel when it directly effects YOUR family. There was video, it was a good shoot and perhaps your comment displays your own prejudices towards those that do a thankless job everyday.

            PS: I think you meant * you instead of *use. If you are going to criticize someone,try to educate yourself before typing some half assed statement.

  • spangler

    The thing is the guy got what he deserved.. A knife can kill just as quick as a gun can. The police were only doing there job and protecting the innocent people that were there.. and really why do people feel the need to do these kind of things in life.. And it was all because the guy did not want to go back to jail.

  • dawn

    this guy may have been on meth,coke,or some other drug.hello! a stun gun didn't stop him,who knows if a shot to the leg would have. if someone is going after someone with any weapon and doesn't stop,then you get the consequence

  • Penny

    As far as I am concerned, I'm sorry it had to come to this, however, it saves the county from putting him in an overcrowded prison, putting him on trial with a public defender, plus the chance he can get out in a couple of years and do it all over again. I'm tired of the bleeding hearts. I bet he was just getting his life turned around. Our country is in a sad state of affairs.

  • Leysa

    I just can't believe there are people in this world who defend the criminal and speak out against the trained police who are risking their lives to protect us. If your life is threatened, do you still want the officer to "aim for his leg"? Our brave policmen and women protect even the stupid.

  • Sonia

    It's easy to judge could've/ should've/ would've have when you're not part of it. While not front & center I was right there as the police encountered this man outside. There were at least 5 officers there & they told him numerous times to drop the knife~ also told him numerous times they didn't want to hurt him. After being tased for what seemed like a really long time, the man continued to charge the officers…. Perhaps they were attempting to maim him, shooting him in the stomach however with that many officers firing (PROTECTING) themselves as well as the customers who were front & center the end result was death. He wasn't shot for robbing the store. I am of the opinion (& it's possible I'm wrong) he either had other warrants out or had a record & knew he would be locked up for awhile or was high or had mental issues or a combination of these things.
    I think we should all feel fortunate that we weren't the ones he was charging with the knife.
    My heart goes out to his family & those who loved him. While we are all far from "perfect", there are those who will mourn his passing.

  • Richard

    I agree wit S. witmer. if it was knife versus gun the least they couldve done was shot him in the leg. I wouldnt be supprised if he was black. All police want to do these days are shoot someone

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