Get Fit Blog: Holy holidays

Oh the holidays, I love you but why do you hate my waist line?  Yesterday was a dose of reality.  After being off from work for a week during the holiday period, I came back to the Get Fit realization that the holidays bit my butt.  I gained about 3 and a half pounds in the two weeks since I was last weighed.  OUCH.

This dose of reality really makes you think about what you are doing and how quickly your body takes to some bad habits.  When I told my wife, she looked and me and said, “were you surprised?”  That simple statement got me thinking, should I have been surprised?  To tell you the truth, I was a bit surprised about the amount of weight in the short amount of time.

I admit, I didn’t watch what I was eating very well.  I ate more than normal, more hearty foods and more sweets.  But at the same time, I worked out hard.  That proved to me, you need a good balance between a thoughtful diet and good workouts to improve your well-being and to Get Fit.  And while that seems cliché, I think that is the lesson I will take from this holiday season.  A good balance of food and exercise makes my Get Fit world go around.

Have a great week and let’s Get Fit together.

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