Lykens woman charged in price-tag swapping scheme at Goodwill

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Bonnie Askins

A Lykens woman was arrested Saturday at a Goodwill store after she swapped price tags to get a better deal. Bonnie Lee Askins, 65, was arrested for retail theft after she was caught switching  tags on various items at the store along the 1100 block of Hummel Avenue in Lemoyne.

Employees recognized Askins and two others as suspects stemming from a Dec. 28th retail theft at the store, according to police reports. .

Askins admitted to swapping the tags and told officers that her husband and daughter were not involved.

Askins was booked into the Cumberland County Prison and later released.


  • Linda J

    poor lady,,,,,goodwill does charge way to much for things that were given to them for free,,sad that she had to resort to that to afford some new things

  • Stephany C

    If she was looking for good deals she should've gone to the Salvation Army. For what Goodwill charges, esp the one in Lemoyne, you can go to Ross and get new stuff off the rack for about the same price.

  • sandi

    goodwill overcharged their merchandise….and their stuff isn't as nice as salvation army. when a 65 year old lady has to resort to this, well, it just goes to show you what a piss poor economy we live in.

  • ken

    All of you STOP making excuses for stealing and dishonestly. It matters not at all what Goodwill charges. Should you disagree with their pricing, shop elsewhere. Have you no honor at all? Judging from the posts, I suppose not.

  • Jayme

    YAY KEN!!!!!! Exactly!!!! The entitlement attitude is what's destroying America. She go to a church and ask for help? Does her family work? You all are assuming she NEEDS charity. Anybody know? Has a single one of you offered to help? She is an individual who made an individual choice to STEAL. To take what is not hers. Ken is right…..She could choose to shop elsewhere if the prices are too high there!

  • Irv

    I see her at the lykens foodrite every day when i go in.I bet shes stealing there too.Shes there everytime i go.Like she lives there or hangs out there

    • funny

      hey i go to boyer all the time and walmart all the time i am allways there so u think poeple that allways gose to the same store are stealing

  • Kristy

    some people just have problems period and it doesn't matter if she had the money for it or not.. it doesn't matter if she was 65 or 25.. age is not the issue, shop lifting is!!

  • roo

    Response to the morons about goodwill charging too much for free stuff received. It is a non profit organization whose profits help train people with disabilities so they can enter the work force. If they can do it, why couldn't this woman? Don't blame the economy.She is perfectly capable of buying things. As for high prices, thieves like this raise the prices for honest shoppers! Thanks.

  • Brandy Oliver

    Actually, Iknow this woman and this family, and they are in a very rough spot. No, Idont ever condone.stealing, its awful and wrong. I think its horrible that people are resorting to this and Ithink its sick that the people who do get help, also get help from every other govt agency or charity. You have to have an access card in order to collect everything else. This is wrong! The government needs to cut down on thieves who are stealing from the system! On top of that, social security isn’t enough for our older friends to live on, especially when they have a young child at home.
    This family doesn’t have much, and they probably don’t qualify because of a few bucks over the limit, stemming from social security. That being said, it was just the holidays and with all of the costs of food and shelter rising, there are also loopholes where these poor people fall in where the line was drawn 2 years ago on income limits for help, and they haven’t been updated since the cola increased.
    People need to wake up! Help your community, help your neighbors! We are all in this together and our government won’t be helping any. They make it worse. And thanks to our entitlement society, they’ve ruined a lot of charity and help for the people who have disabilities, our elderly, etc. Its a shame. It sickens me there are people doing this to survive.
    Again, I never, ever think stealing is ok. Our government robs us so much we don’t have much of a choice anymore.

  • Brandy Oliver

    If you walked into a store and your daughter needed a winter coat, and you have $12 and the coats are $20, but a pair of pants has a $12 tag, and you’re that desperate, and you’ve already went for help and were refused, Iwonder what you would do in that situation?

    Keep in mind that when you were there , at the welfare office when you were denied help, and then in the office, of people signing for their new access cards, were a bunch of people with nice, name brand clothes, nails and hair done at the salon, blackberrys, nikes, and coach purses, and then they walk out and hop into a lexus and head to the grocery store, let’s say, boyers in lykens, and buy up snacks, red bull, sodas, all brand name items, (no coupons), and you’re behind them with generic bread, processed cheese food, chopped ham, and some buy 1 get 1 free chips, and they’re paying with their shiny new access card, you’re paying with pennies. Tell me you’re going to be in this position, and drive your pinto with rusted floor boards in the back, and an exhaust that can’t pass emissions, and take your daughter to walmart in eville, or whatever town, and tell her she can’t have a coat because you’re $8 short.

    Tell me you’re going to walk out without that coat and watch your daughter shiver.

    • Guest

      @ Brandy, with all do respect, I know this family also. they are constantly gas assin around, they buy lottery tickets every night, and the husband smokes like a chimney… so how bad off are they really!?!?!? They go these goodwill stores and other discount stores to buy these items, then they turn around and jack up the prices to sell the items out of their garage!!

      • Sarah

        isn't it funny you could have the balls to say these things about this lady and her family but you don't have the balls to put your name to the reply.. Geesh people GROW UP and stop acting like your high and mighty..

  • Brandy Oliver

    Oh well, I’m not a neighbor, but there are people who are this bad, and their pics and names are online for similar things. Just a few wks ago, a 79 yr old was arrested for stealing a can of soup.
    My point wasn’t specifically this family, but there are 2 sides to every story. And the entitlement society, the government and government programs are pretty disgusting with how they treat people who genuinely need things.

  • None one Business

    Yea Well I know this Bonnie since 1958 and she been stealing all her life. And I glad she got her picture n the news so everyone see her. Maybe she will top stealing from people even her own family and her late husband family she stole from. And she went thought counlin and was arrested acouple of time. Now seen are picture n the news might make her think before stealing again.

  • wedding2016

    hey i know this ladie from the food banks she gose to. she gose to alot of them. the economy is bad there alot of stealing and bank robbery and other stuff and it hard out here because the groverment dosenot care about people at all. all the groverment want is people money. they allway raising gas up and at the store the food going up so it is hard out here. people cannot afford medicine and or doctor to go to. so people are going to steal and rob a bank for money or rob a store for food because they cannot get help from the groverment. the groverment wont make more jobs so it hard.

  • Beth

    Seriously, after reading some of these comments… or at least trying to… Some of you give Upper Dauphin County a bad name!!

    Stealing is stealing, there are NO excuses for that. I know this person also… and I have to agree, her priorities appear to be out of whack!!
    Sometimes people are just not so good people… no matter what their situation is, or could be. No matter who they are, or what their age, they need to be responsible for their own actions. The real shame here… she is the role model for the next generation.

  • Tom Callahan

    As a nonprofit, the revenue Goodwill generates from donations goes directly to help people with disabilities or other barriers to employment. They receive job training and as a result many obtain jobs or rejoin the work force. Swapping price tags is stealing. Many people rely on the programs Goodwill supports.

    • Elton

      I was at a Goodwill today and they were trying to sell an old Burberry raincoat from maybe the early 90s for $99. I also saw a pair of used Asics Gel Noosa Tri 6s for $65. Point is, being a non-profit, they are obviously profiteering from people's donations. I understand there is a cause, but within reason. It's sickening that they had those prices on those items. Who would pay that kind of money for ANYTHING at a Goodwill? I understand that they are trying to get people jobs from the bottom of the socioeconomic teir but geez.

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