Robbers attack food deliveryman in Harrisburg

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armed robbery

A man delivering food was attacked and possibly shot at Monday night. It happened around 8:30pm in the area of North 12th and Reilly Streets. The victim, an Asian male in his 40’s, says he realized he’d been called to an address that does not exist. He called the number of the woman who ordered the food. The victim asked the woman to come outside so he would know where to bring the food. The woman replied that she was already outside. The deliveryman saw a woman standing outside an apartment building. As he approached her, the victim noticed three black males were approaching him from different directions, surrounding him. Another black male was inside the deliveryman’s car. The deliveryman ran for his car and was assaulted by the three men. He pushed his way past them to get to his car and heard a shot. The robbers ran away and the deliveryman called for help. He was not harmed.

The suspects were only described as four black males. There is no description of the woman.

The investigation continues and anyone having any information on this is asked to contact Lt. Robert Fegan at 717-255-3114 or email to reach City detectives.



    • ken

      It's not a hate crime. It's an ambush. The miscreants had no way of knowing who would deliver the food(pizza?). STOP looking in all the wrong places! Harrisburg, like most welfare bastions has a thug culture. No fathers, no education, no jobs or ambition and no future. It's the Great Society (neither) 1964 liberals envisioned. Most crimes are not because of love. Let's have another feel good vigil instead of admitting that we've let things get totally out of control.

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