Local News

No Id of Body Found in Elizabethtown

We’re learning more about the body of a man found behind the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown, in early November.
Lancaster County Coroner Stephen Diamantoni held a press conference Thursday to discuss his findings. He says at this time, they do not know the identity of the man but they do know he was white, in his mid-40’s, and suffered from arthritis.
At this point, there is no evidence that there was anything suspicious in the way the man died but that does not rule out foul play. It’s believed the man died sometime in June or July of 2011.
Diamantoni’s main focus right now, though, is trying to figure out who the man was.
“It’s very difficult and painful for any family to wonder whether or not somebody who they love and who is incredibly important to them is alive or dead. It’s incredibly important for them to know where those individuals are”.
The mans description has been sent to two national databases – NAMUS and NCIS, in hopes of finding more answers.
If anyone knows anyone that might fit this description, they’re asked to call the coroner at 717-735-5123 or Lancaster County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-322-1913.


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