Pickup crashes into school bus carrying 33 students in Adams County


A bus carrying 33 students from Bermudian Springs High School was hit by a pick-up truck around 3 o’clock this afternoon after the driver lost control. The bus was hit head on and it went up an embankment and flipped over.

Of the 33 students on the bus, ten were taken to area hospitals, including three students and the bus driver who were taken to York Hospital.

The most severe injury a student received was a cut to the head. Meanwhile, the driver of the truck suffered what Reading Township Police officer William Ceravola called ‘a possible broken back’.

Ceravola says this could have been a lot worse saying, “This is the first accident I’ve seen like this in this area, of this magnitude”.

As for the 23 other students, they were taken back to Bermudian Springs High School to wait for their parents to pick them up.