Flu season in full swing; not too late to immunize

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flu shot 2It’s being described as one of the worst flu seasons in a decade and now health officials are preparing for a long and hard season.  The flu season is starting early and hitting hard.

Cases of the flu are up 26 times compared to 2011.  From September to the end of December, the CDC reports that there have been over 26,000 cases of flu reported nationwide.  That number stood below 1,000 back in 2011.

Pharmacist from the Rite Aid in York County say it is not too late to get your shot.  Even though the normal flu shot season starts in August and runs through October, the time is now to prevent sickness.  The shot will take about two weeks to work but the season is expected to be long and strong, so it may be worth getting stuck.

““It’s isn’t too late.  It takes about two weeks to get fully immunized. It’s better to get that shot at any point when you can. The flu [season] can run anywhere up until May,” said Alison Devitt, PharmD, Rite Aid.