Gun discharged inside Walmart, employee injured

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Charges have been filed against a Walmart employee in Carlisle after he brought a concealed gun to work and it discharged, injuring another employee, police said.

Julian Picard, 22, of York Springs, had a gun hidden inside his sweatshirt when he went to work on Jan. 2 at the Walmart located along the first block of Noble Boulevard.

Picard was showing off the gun to Alex Garcia, a fellow employee, in the loading dock area when the incident happened.  As Garcia was checking the weapon over he accidentally shot himself in the hand, police said.

Garcia was treated at a local hospital.

Picard does not have a permit to carry a concealed weapon.  He is charged with carrying without a license and disorderly conduct.


    • LTC(Ret)

      Precisely. Aside from bringing a weapon to work, Garcia is equally stupid. Advice to those who flunked bathroom training: Never accept a weapon not cleared with breech open and locked. never touch the trigger and run like heck from any other darned fool who would bring a weapon to work.

  • Ed L

    And here is the problem with guns. He had no carry permit. Where did he buy it? Just another irresponsible gun handler. What a jerk! Licensed handlers know better! Keep guns out of the hands of people who have no idea what they are doing with them.

  • Tim

    There isn't a gun law now and there never will be that would have stopped this idiot from illegally carrying the gun. Oh, and the gun didn't discharge itself, the moron holding it discharged it!!!!!

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