Hersheypark Stadium turns into a hockey rink

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They’re making noise at Hersheypark Stadium. The crews, putting on the final touches for the Outdoor Classic.

Jim Hartnett, Project Manager, Outdoor Classic

“You see people putting on the dasher boards and the signage on the dasher boards.  We’ve had the Zamboni out there, 3 passes with the Zamboni.”

As always, mother nature plays a part in any outdoor venue.

“The rain caused some issues, a little indigestion, some sleepless nights but once we get that under control, the ice made and the ice built up, we can pretty much deal with anything.”

They even added more seats for this unique event.

Rod Underkoffler, Director of Hershey Facilities

“We added some bleachers on the north and south end, the rest of the bleachers can hold just shy of 16,000.”

The rink in chocolatetown, is creating quite a stir.

“Everybody is taking ownership in this.  Everybody has stopped.  I have 50 year old, guys that worked here for 50 years, they retired and they are stopping.”

“Jim Hartnett, our project manager, he’s been getting a lot of people questioning him about the event from Europe.  So it’s really worldwide, its really getting a lot of interest.”

They will drop the puck Sunday at 5pm for the Outdoor Classic at Hersheypark Stadium.  The Bears taking on the Penguins.