Girl, 2, beaten to death by mother’s boyfriend in Lancaster City

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Lester Johnson

A Lancaster City man is being kept behind bars without bail after police say he brutally beat a 2-year-old girl to death. Lester L. Johnson, 30, of Lancaster, was arrested  and charged with criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

Around 3 a.m. on Saturday morning officers were called to a home along the 500 block of East Ross Street  for a report of an injured child who fell. Emergency personnel took 2-year-old Ranasia Knight to Lancaster General Hospital where she later died.

An autopsy revealed that Ranasia died from multiple traumatic injuries. A forensic pathologist ruled her death a homicide.

Both the child’s mother and Johnson, the mother’s boyfriend,  were interviewed by police.

Johnson was arrested on Monday night.

Police say Johnson punched and kicked Ranasia in the face and abdomen numerous times which lead to multiple internal injuries and ultimately her death.

He was taken to Lancaster County Prison.


  • 1 pissed parent

    This is a grown ass man what could a 2 yr old possibly have done or said for him to have done this to her and where was her mom cause as a mother myself AINT NO WAY IN HELL HE WOULD HAVE WALK OUT OF THAT HOUSE ON HIS OWN 2 FEET there would have been a body bag with his name on it

  • Anonymous

    Ban him too! After all he fits the libtard definition of "Assault" – blacque & menacing looking. Maybe he could be Obammy's son too!

  • ken

    Take a good look at this cretin. Take a GOOD LOOK! Not even a dog would do this to its young. Take a good look and focus of the REAL PROBLEM. He is so subhuman he kills an innocent with his bare hands. Life without parole is a blessing.. The mindless inability to control primitive rage is more dangerous than your misdirected fear of weapons in the hands of honest citizens. Take another look because you will see this happen again…………………………….and again.

  • Prayin'

    a 2 year old was just murdered and all you can do is make this political and about guns? You people have no soul.

  • Amy

    How could a mother sit back and allow this to happen? As a mother of 3 children close to this age it makes me sick to think that people could harm an innocent baby. I would kill someone if they ever started punching and kicking my child. Even if the mother was not home this probably was not the first time if his rage got so bad that he killed this baby. I feel sorry for the rest of the family I can't imagine what they are going through. He will get his day of judgement not only in the court system but also at the hands of god.

  • Kelly

    May the little angel be resting comfortably and safely in the arms of loving family now in her forever home. Praying for the other children left behind that they did not witness or endure any of the wrath that this poor little one had to. God Bless those who loved her and will weep for her. May Karma hit right back at this man with double what he gave out.

  • NoThankYou

    A note to mothers who haven't gotten the memo; Keep your boyfriends away from your kids. You may want to pretend that they're your children's fathers, but they're not. Need further evidence? Google 'mother's boyfriend'.

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