Northern York Regional Police investigate possible home improvement scam

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Northern York County authorities are investigating a potential home improvement scam that targeted an elderly Manchester Township resident on Jan. 11.

The elderly homeowner told police that person came to their home along the 2500 block of Mayfield Street and offered to seal the driveway. The suspect told the homeowner they had just finished sealing a neighbor’s driveway and had extra material. They agreed on a price and when the job was completed the suspect demanded more money for the work.

The homeowner and the subject negotiated a new price and payment was made, police said.

The National Center For the Prevention of Home Improvement Fraud offers the following advice when dealing with contractors.  Additional information can be obtained from their website at



  • ken

    RED LIGHT. This is the wrong time of year to recoat a driveway. Always get a price in writing. When this was tried on me I told him to come back in May. Obviously, I never saw him again.

    • ken

      Come to think of it, it is a good idea to consider that, if you didn't call him, you don't need him or if he gave you ideas, call a couple of other contractors and see if the service or repair makes sense. My painter, for instance does not do outside work in winter and neither do the folks I use to coat the driveway every four years. BTW, coating driveways more often than every four years is a waste of good money and actually a bad idea.


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  • DL3

    What is the description of this guy? Maybe he targeted us. No one seal coats on a Friday night in January targeting elderly people …that is someone hustling and needing to scam innocent people. Please catch this guy and investigate him to the fullest.

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