Central Pa. mayors in D.C. to discuss gun control

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Several mayors from Central Pennsylvania are in the nation’s capitol for the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

They included Harrisburg’s Linda Thompson, York’s Kim Bracey and Lancaster’s Rick Gray.

The president of the group, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, said the group will discuss President Obama’s gun control proposals during the three-day conference.

“The one thing I know we all agree on is that we want our communities to be safe,” Nutter said. “We come from a variety of places that have different thoughts and ideas about gun ownership and gun safety and gun regulations. We must incorporate all of those thoughts and ideas in our discussions.”

Vice President Joe Biden stopped in on the conference on Thursday to discuss the President’s plan.

Besides gun control, this year’s meeting will focus on job creation, the fiscal cliff, and immigration.


  • LTC(Ret)

    They will come up with new draconian measures to attack honest citizens while hiding their on failures to control the lawless ghettos they helped to create.

  • Rodney67

    Well in larger population centers you'll have more crime but what do these 3 cities have in common? GANGS and DRUG dealers okay if we remove the gang members, rival drug dealers, and the bums who can't pay back the money they borrowed to buy drugs i'm pretty sure we would eliminate more than 75 percent of the murders. So since we aren't going to pass any laws that would make it easier on law enforcement to bust up gangs maybe we should train the bangers how to shoot set up a range so they can practice drive bys then this will reduce amount of innocent victims being shot instead of the intended rival/deadbeat oh and think about the gas they would save they would only need 1 attempt. But no gun control is the way to go because law abiding citizens will obviously obey the laws and turn in their weapons.

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