Hundreds attend “Guns Across America” rally in Harrisburg

Several hundred people gathered outside the state Capitol in Harrisburg Saturday for a rally against gun control dubbed “Guns Across America.”

“It’s not a matter of the gun. The gun doesn’t kill the person, it’s the guy behind it. That bullet doesn’t jump off a shelf and fly itself into somebody’s skull,” said Dave Schultz, who attended the rally.

The rally was one of 49 held in state capital cities across the country. Thousands of people attended nationwide to collectively take a stand against gun control.

“Something’s gotta be done. We’ve got to push back at least some, or we’re going to lose everything.” said Siobhra Dewar, a gun owner.

Many people who showed up blasted the President’s 23-point gun control plan released this week. The proposal includes a ban on assault rifles and making federal data available for background checks.

“They’re going to slowly start taking away little bits at a time until we’re completely disarmed. And the normal person won’t have a gun,” said gun rights supporter Daniel Yaromey.

Democrats in Washington plan to introduce an updated bill to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines this coming Thursday.