Lancaster County Bridge Ordered Closed Immediately

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Effective immediately, the Eckman Road bridge located in West Lampeter Township is closed.  A recent scheduled engineering inspection determined the structural integrity may be compromised.  The steel beams supporting the deck have rusted and deteriorated to a point which compromises the bearing capacity of the deck.  The 104 foot steel truss bridge built-in 1935 spans Mill Creek and has a current weight limit of 4 tons.

This bridge was identified as one of the top replacement candidates per the Lancaster County Bridge Capital Improvement Plan.  The Lancaster County Commissioners awarded a contract in 2012 to RETTEW to design a replacement structure. The final design and permitting is nearing completion.  It is anticipated that a contract will be awarded in 2013 for the replacement structure. The Capital Plan estimates the cost to replace this structure will be 1.4 million dollars. The estimated schedule to complete the work after the contract is awarded is approximately 12 months.