Local News

Wintry weather makes for tricky commute

As snow fell across the region Friday, backups and traffic tie-ups dominated the commute home for many drivers.

The snow lasted for about six hours and dropped up to a few inches in some neighborhoods.

PennDOT lowered the speed limit on major highways to 45 miles per hour.

“Actually just got off work, and I was having a little bit of car trouble. I don’t know if it was my brakes or not, but I was sliding a lot and just been trying to take it really slow trying to get home because I’ve noticed a lot of people where I work have been coming in saying they’ve had a lot of accidents,” said Heather Bulger as she was fueling up in Springettsbury Township, York County.

A crash on I-83 northbound near the Market Street exit in York County around 2 p.m. created a backup going several miles that lasted for over an hour. An overturned tractor trailer on U.S. Route 322 near Dauphin Borough had traffic backed up as well.

Aside from those wrecks, police throughout the region reported cars sliding off the roads as crews worked to clear the streets of snow and ice.


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