Gun Giveaway & sales planned to combat cancelled Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show

The cancellation of the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show has affected thousands of vendors, exhibitors and other businesses. Some Lancaster County businesses are trying to make up for the lost revenue by organizing sales the week the show would have run, February 2nd through the 10th. “The situation with the sports show affected every exhibitor there. It’s certainly not pleasant to go through. We have all this inventory, so several of us that boycotted in the area decided to get together. If we collectively bring people in, you know, people can make a shopping trip out of it,” says president of Lancaster Archery Rob Kaufhold. Lancaster Archery Supply is running sales on numerous items including Nikon Archers choice rangefinders, tree stands, stick ladders, and Badlands Packs. For more on Lancaster Archery Supply click here. “It’s an opportunity to attract those same kinds of customers to the local area during that sports show week,” says Kaufhold.

Trop Gun Shop in Mount Joy Township will also have sales. “We had plans with the vendors to provide us with a certain amount of inventory. So that inventory is no longer going to be delegated to the show, it’s going to be available at the store,” says Sales Manager James Diehl. Items include certain knives, hats, high-capacity magazines, and safes. They are also planning on giving away an AR15. “Because this was the type of rifle that they banned from display or sale from the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show we felt that would be fitting for a giveaway,” says Diehl. Participants must bring in a receipt of purchase [made from February 2-10] from any exhibitor who withdrew from the show as of January 24th. This includes Trop Gun Shop. For more on Trop Gun Show and the AR15 giveaway click here.

Participating businesses/merchants  include:
Kinsey’s Outdoors
Lancaster Archery Supply
Trop Gun Show
Upper Canyon Outfitters