Ravens fans gather in York County

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They are loud and proud at the Ravens Roost in Shrewsbury, York County.  These fans gather at Bill Bateman’s Bistro for Super Bowl Media Day.

Matt and Tom Eser, Ravens fans

“My son and I came down here together so we could watch media day together.  We are pumped for the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl.”

Mick McKee, Ravens fan

“This is like the week before Christmas.  I am like 5 years old again.”

This day becomes a family affair.

Mick McKee, Ravens fan

“This is my brother behind me and life is good man.  We are going to the Super Bowl.  You have to kick some butts and take some names.”

Matt and Tom Eser, Ravens fans

“As a family, we have really enjoyed watching the Ravens.  Ravens fans since they started, Ravens fans forever.”

And of course, these fans paint a pretty picture when it comes to Super Sunday.

Mick McKee, Ravens fan

“I don’t think we will let them score but if we do, it will be Ray Lewis being mercied, merciful, we will say that.”

Tom Eser, Raven fans

“Absolutely the Ravens, in a tight game, hard fought match, we will blow them out by 28.”

Matt Eser, Ravens fan

“I will give them at least 14, we will have 14 on them.”