New attraction to tour “Amish Mafia” filming locations

It claims to be a never-before-seen look into the private lives of Lancaster County’s Amish community.

Chances are by now you’ve probably seen — or at least heard of — the new Discovery Channel show, “Amish Mafia.”

The show’s producers insist it’s authentic, but most people who live in and around Lancaster County will tell you a different story.

“Is there an Amish Mafia? We kind of felt there were two responses. One is just to say no there isn’t and dismiss it, but that doesn’t really answer people’s questions,” said Brad Igou, President of The Amish Experience in Bird-in-Hand.

Igou is opening a new attraction called “The Amish Mafia Tour” in April that will open filming locations from the show to the public.

“That would tap into the curiosity people have about the show and where it’s filmed, and kind of expose that much of what people are seeing is entirely created,” he said.

Igou said most Amish he’s spoken with about the show find the plotline involving the school shooting at West Nickel Mines School in 2006 by far the most disturbing.

“That tragedy really showed a forgiving side of the Amish, not a side of anger and revenge. Which is kind of what this show is depicting,” he said.

Local defense attorney Steven Breit who appeared on the show said although the scenes are recreated, there is some truth to the storylines.

“You can’t just stand around waiting for the action to occur. You have to replicate it. And the show is done to try and replicate what had occured in the past on a factual basis,” he said.

The Amish Mafia Tour will stop at several locations filmed during the show. It starts in April and runs through October.