Paying it Forward in Dallastown, York County

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FOX43’s Pay it Forward crew started the day in York Township,  York County just outside of Red Lion, in search of people who want to nominate someone they know for a $200 surprise.

Judy Shaffer of Dallastown was one of the people we stopped.

She told us about her close friend and neighbor, Anna Mae Ehrhart, an elderly woman raising her two grandsons.

“She really takes good care of them and she could use a little bit of help for herself, she never, ever does anything for her,” Shaffer said.

Whenever Shaffer needs her, Ehrhart looks after Shaffer’s husband, who can’t be left alone because he suffers from Alzheimer’s.

“We sort of rely on each other, if she needs something or if I need something, you know, then we sort of help each other out,” Shaffer said.

Just a short walk a few houses down from Shaffer’s house and we were at Ehrhart’s doorstep.

“I’m so glad!” Ehrhart said. “I never thought this would ever happen with me!”

But Ehrhart is not at all surprised that something like this would come from Judy.

“Can’t explain it,” she said. “She’s just a great friend, like a sister to me.”