Boil water advisory continues for Mechanicsburg area

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A boil water advisory is still in effect for United Water customers in and around Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County.

The affected area includes parts of Lower Allen, Upper Allen, Hampden, Silver Spring, Monroe and Monaghan Townships.

Zeiderelli’s Pizza in Mechanicsburg is one of the thousands of customers affected.

Employees have had to boil gallons upon gallons of water since early Wednesday morning, when United Water issued a boil water advisory for the Mechanicsburg area after a chlorine issue at its water treatment plant there.

At Zeiderelli’s the soda fountain is closed for now.

But employees are still making plenty of dough, though it’s taking a bit longer than usual.

“We keep boiling water all of the time,” said employee Frank Nunez. “And we’re going to keep doing the same thing until we got the good water back.”

United Water is waiting on tests from the Department of Environmental Protection.

A water company spokesman said the boil advisory will be in effect through at least Friday night.

It’s not very ideal timing, as the pizza shop is gearing up for the busy Super Bowl weekend.

“We have a few call aheads for the weekend. The Super Bowl for us is going to start from tomorrow through the end of the weekend,” Nunez said.

F0r the most part, it’s a nuisance, but people are coping just fine.

Glenda Kelly of Upper Allen Township, said her strategy is to drink anything but water.

“I sent my grandson to the store and he got a big jug of ice tea, one of milk, one of chocolate milk,” she said.

Customers should make sure they have an up-to-date phone number on file with United Water because the company will leave an automated message when the water is safe again.

The company will also post that information on its website here.