Harrisburg police make arrest in November murder

Harrisburg police arrested a man Thursday, charging him with murdering Marcus Garner in late November.

Garner was found in an alley about two weeks after being shot in the head. Police arrested Eric Johnson Thursday afternoon at an apartment Allison Hill. They charged him with criminal homicide, tampering with evidence and carrying a firearm without a license.

The District Attorney’s office said Garner and Johnson knew each other but it’s still unclear why the shooting happened. They are investigating to see what role drugs and money may have played.

Investigators say Johnson shot Garner on November 21 in a van. They say Johnson drove the van to Rochester, New York, to destroy it.

“We’ve been waiting for this day. It seems like for years we’ve been waiting, but now his children can have closure. We can get closure. His mother can get closure,” said Rasheeda Layton, Garner’s cousin.

Johnson denied his involvement in the shooting saying to Garner’s family, ““Yeah, I feel sorry for them and I’m sorry for their loss.”

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