Morning Show Topic of the Day: Bad tip goes viral

Sometimes servers work hard for their money only to come up short changed. But one Applebee’s waitress was fired after posting a picture of her tip from a pastor. This is the receipt that has gone viral and cost the waitress her job. The waitress, who worked at a St. Louis Applebee’s, posted the receipt she received from a pastor complaining about the automatic gratuity added to the bill. The pastor wrote, ” I give God 10 % why should you get 18?.” There were more than 8 people in the pastor’s party triggering the tip. The bothered waitress, who wasn’t even the employee waiting on the table, posted the receipt online and it became viral causing her to lose her job. So we want to know what you think ?  Do you think the waitress deserved to be fired, or was the pastor out of line?