2 dead after wrong-way crash on Route 283

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Two people were killed Monday morning after a driver going the wrong-way on Route 283 crashed into another vehicle in Dauphin County.

It happened around 6:03 a.m. when the driver of a silver Hyundai Accent was headed north in the southbound lanes and crashed head-on into a Volkswagon Jetta.

Both male drivers were killed in the crash.

No word on the victim’s identity.

State police are investigating.


    • mike

      So lets be insensitive to the newly deseased by calling them stupid… Don't be a prick, that's someones child, brother, family, friend. and you just muscled up the balls to come on here and call them stupid,think before yous peak

    • Denny Zeigler

      LOL, do you see the irony in 'BOB' calling this person stupid. The statement itself is grammatically a wreck! ha ha

    • rxxevans

      lol by your statement their Bob, I am glad you can not drive either, however… Mike, I am pretty sure he called the driver stupid, not the victims

  • Mike

    This is all too familiar…

    My drummer was killed on Route 283 accidentally driving the wrong way back in October… Idk whats going on there but somethings confusing driving at night in one of the those intersections.

      • Mike

        Thank You. I remember when all of this happened to us the people who left comments on the site said dumb things like Bob. No one ever thinks about the family or friends feeling on the subject. I'll pray for the families and wish the best for them

  • Jimmy

    I've driven 283 since it's been built, the problem is stupid drivers not paying attention to what they're doin! 7 out of 10 drivers on the road are totally clueless.

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