Fans celebrate Ravens win

With the Baltimore Ravens big Super Bowl win  Fans are out showing their colors and celebrating. “I’m feeling like a winner today. In fact I’m getting ready to go to work. I have my purple on and I’m ready to walk in and say good morning everybody,” said fan Connie Briscoe.

“It was awesome. It was definitely very, very cool. I couldn’t stop screaming,” said fan Jeff Freeland. “We just came from the mall and everyone in the mall has Ravens attire on. Go Ravens! We are just buying Ravens gear and getting ready to go down to the parade tomorrow.”

From the blackout to the close score, fans say the game didn’t come without some suspense. “I was concerned about the power outage, you know that 30 minute break. The Ravens got a little bit of older defense and you know everything was going well for them. I think what happened was it gave San Francisco a little time to regroup and come up with a different game plan and as we saw they turned it into a very close game,” said fan Rick Carnell.

Like many fans Carnell plans to keep the celebration going. “Actually I’m heading down there tomorrow night. We’re going to get together in Annapolis and so we’re going to carry this party, we’re going to continue the party on and their celebration.”

The Ravens parade will take place Tuesday at City Hall in Baltimore at 10:45 a.m.