D.C. Has Worst Traffic; Pensacola, FL Has Easiest Commute

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If you don’t like traffic — stay out of the nation’s capitol!  A new study from Texas A&M University’s Transportation Institute ranks the Washington metro area as the *worst* in America for commuters.  Drivers in D-C and the Virginia and Maryland suburbs spend an average of 67 hours a year just sitting in traffic!  It takes nearly three hours for a trip that should take half an hour in D.C.  They waste about 32 gallons of gas every year doing that which is roughly a full tank for many drivers.

Nationwide, the study says drivers way $121 billion in time and fuel.  And researchers say it’s going to get worse — they estimate by 20-20, drivers will be spending seven *more* hours a year stuck in traffic.

Rounding out the list of worst cities:

Los Angeles came in number two.  The San Francisco Bay Area was ranked third.  New York City, fourth. And fifth-worst: Boston.

The least congested commute is in Pensacola, Florida.

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  • J. M. H.

    In Pensacola, half the residents do not understand what a Left/Right Turn Signal is for. It's not a very Pedestrian Friendly town either. The County Commissioners do not seem to understand that if they added more Legal Crossing Zones there wouldn't be as much Human Roadkill to clean up. This is a retirement area, Elderly People can not Run/Walk that fast across the Divided Highways.

    Though it is better then being stuck in Stop & Go Traffic on I-5 in Seattle.

  • jts

    Yay we have the highest murder rate per capita in the U.S. and the worst water in the U.S. but hey you wont be late for work. Im glad our retarded county decided to spend all of our tax money on the inner state system vs cleaning up the streets and the polluted water.

  • lfh

    I live in Pensacola Florida now and have lived in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. The traffic in Pensacola is nothing in comparison. Also to mention the area is beautiful and the beaches are as white as sugar with water as clear to make you think you are in the Bahamas. You may not make as much money here but your quality of life will be mulitplied in years with the low stress living style. Money is not everything and if you come here you will find out you can have a much better life with 1/2 the money. I did it and so can you or keep your jammed up street that are disgustingly dirty and rude people just don't compain.

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