Blizzard bears down: Some Bostonians stuck in Pa.

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As the blizzard bears down on New England, some people are spending an unexpected weekend in Central Pennsylvania as they wait for conditions to improve to get home.

Dan Rogovich’s company sent him from Winthrop, Mass., which is outside of Boston, to Harrisburg to make deliveries.

“I’ve been on Facebook with friends of mine, and I’m just glad I don’t have to shovel,” said Rogovich, who was camped out at a truck stop along Interstate 81 in Dauphin County.

He said he had another delivery to make Saturday and then would return to the truck stop again. Massachusetts authorities have ordered all drivers to stay off the road statewide.

Based on the weather forecasts, Rogovich is hoping to get home Sunday night.

He’s already hearing from friends about power outages impacting the region.

Dave Seng and Phil Eha were traveling from Ohio and Kentucky toward the storm. As part of their job, they work with utility companies to assess storm damage and figure out what repairs need to be made.

The journey to the East Coast has become somewhat of a routine for them.

“I was here for Irene. He was here for Sandy and then the snowstorm in October (2011),” said Eha.

Seng and Eha were aiming to make it to New Jersey before being assigned an area to start working.