Local News

PA files disciplinary action against Lancaster County funeral director

A Lancaster County funeral director faces losing his license and other penalties after the Pa Department of State files formal disciplinary action.  Benjamin Siar, Jr., owner and manager of Gundel Funeral Home based in Conestoga, was ordered today to show cause in writing within thirty days why his funeral director’s license should not be suspended, revoked, or restricted. Siar also faces a civil penalty and costs of the investigation.  The State Department oversees the State Board of Funeral Directors. Siar’s funeral director’s license was issued in 2002 and is current through February 2014.


The formal complaint cites twenty-two counts related to Siar failing to fulfill agreed upon funeral and cremation services after accepting payment. Siar faces a civil penalty of up to $10,000 for each and every violation of the 1952 Funeral Director Law and the amended Act of 1993.

Last week Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman filed criminal charges against Siar.  Those charges include four counts of abuse of a corpse and four counts of theft by deception.


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