Two women sought after using fake travelers checks in Cumberland County

2013-02-00239 suspects

A store clerk is duped after two women use fake travelers checks to purchase over $500 worth of merchandise at Target in Cumberland County. It happened Saturday morning at the store located along 6400 block of Carlisle Pike in Silver Spring Township.

Police say the suspects used eight $100 American Express Travelers Checks to purchase two-sets of headphones, valued at $299.99 each. The clerk didn’t realize the checks were fake until after the suspects fled the parking lot.

The pair were last seen driving a light Gray colored BMW SUV with New York plates: GCH2034.

2013-02-00239 SUV

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 717-591-8242.

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  • kevin smith

    great camera shots, may times these picturs make it hard to identify people. Hopefully with the tag, they will catch them .

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